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2013首尔5日自由行 – 筹备总结

10月份回中国探望亲戚,外加首尔5日游。 一共3个星期。 原本计划买大韩航空公司飞上海的机票,然后回程的时候在首尔停留5日,可惜机票好贵,而且座位紧张,完全错过了他们的促销时间。 所以还是买了上海来回直飞的机票,然后中途去一次首尔。 这样的好处就是对行李的控制会好多了,但是坏处就是需要拿两次中国的入境签证。

机票: 在中国的携程网www.ctrip.com上买的,好处是有众多航班任由你自己组合选择,网页设计合理,没有遇到过出错,还有英文版本, 就连手机版都做的非常好用. 计划早机去, 晚机回, 上海选虹桥机场, 首尔选金浦机场, 离市区比较近, 这样可以充分利用时间. 比较悲剧的是虽然携程网接收境外信用卡, 但是要收多3%的服务费.

酒店: 在hotels.com上订的,信用卡支付,预订之前google了一个10% off 的折扣码,就这样即时省了55美金。 三人房的选择已经不多,位置也很重要,所以基本没有很纠结,只有两三家考虑。最后选择了离明洞不远的Sutton Hotel。

旅游景点:感兴趣的旅游景点并不是很多,主要是美食和购物。 也许兴趣和目的地太亚洲了,yahoo travel和tripadvisor都不太好用,最后用了国内穷游网安排行程,感觉不错!

Just thought I would do an English version of my Seoul trip as well this time. 😀
I went to China for 3 weeks vacation in October, mainly stayed in Shanghai with my grandparents, but also visited some relatives in other two cities, plus a 5 day 4 nights trip to Seoul! Originally, I wanted to buy Toronto->Shanghai air ticket by Korean Air, transfer/stop over for 5 days in Seoul on the way back, but I totally missed their promotion period, and the seats were very limited already. So I ended up buying direct flight to Shanghai by Air Canada, and purchase Seoul-Shanghai round trip air ticket separately. The good thing is I would have much better control of my luggage weight, the bad thing is I would need to get two entries Chinese visa.

Air Ticket: Bought it on I am actually quite impressed by this Chinese web site. Functionally, it has both Chinese and English version; as well as mobile version and mobile application. The user interface is simple and quite user friendly, never gave me any server errors. It listed all available airline and flights with their corresponding price beside it, it was clean and clear. So I ended up choosing an early flight from Shanghai airport to Gimpo airport; and a late afternoon flight back to Shanghai. Both Shanghai and Gimpo airports are smaller airports that located closer to the city, thus saving me transportation cost and time. And we could fully utilize all the time in those 5 days!

Hotel: Booked on Since I would be taking my mom and my aunt, I needed to book a 3 people room, not too many choices. I ended up choosing Sutton Hotel near Euljiro 3-ga station. Just before booking confirmation, I googled a 10% off coupon code, saving me about 55USD. 😀

Travel plan: To be honest, there wasn’t a tons of tourist attractions that I am dying to go to, just picked a few, the rest would be focusing on food and shopping. Maybe because my interests were quite different in Seoul, I didn’t find tripadvisor or yahoo travel that useful this time, and ended up using a Chinese travel planning app to layout all my itinerary.

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