2013 Seoul Trip – Day 2


Oct 23,2013
Nami Island

今天只安排了南怡岛,背着我的单反相机,准备享受一下韩国的大自然和练习我的摄影技术。 南怡岛对于亚洲人来说应该都不陌生吧。 它的自然,它的浪漫,加上那部韩剧《冬季恋歌》。 我大学的时候已经看过了,裴勇俊的温文儒雅,崔智友超群脱俗的气质,着时喜欢了他俩一段时间。 有两种方法去南怡岛:
仁寺洞每天早上9:30出发,下午4:00由南怡岛开回来。 不过需要电话预约。
我选择了坐地铁,其实很方便,花费比较便宜,而且时间上比较灵活,不用赶时间。 由酒店出来坐四号线到清凉里站,然后换京春线到达加平站。 费用1950韩币,外加的士费用3000韩币,到达去南怡岛的码头。

Today’s itinerary was all about nature and photography. Nami Island is famous for its nature, its quietness and romantic atomsphere, and the well known k-drama “Winter Sonata”, which I watched it during my university. I loved the drama dearly at that time, both main actor and actress! There are 2 ways to go to Nami Island:
By shuttle bus:
Departing from Insa-dong, Jamsil Station at 09:30
Departing from Namiseom Island to Insa-dong, Jamsil Station: 16:00
※ Advanced reservation required. (Inquiries +82-2-753-1247)
By subway:
I chose subway since it’s more flexible, and I didn’t have to stress out about finding the right shuttle bus stop before 9:30am. Took line 4 from Jongno 3-ga station to Cheongnyangni station, and transferred Gyeongchun line to Gapyeong station. Very straight forward! Cost: 1950 won. Taxi ride from Gapyeong station to Nami Island ferry entrance was 5 mins, cost 3000 won.

We had such a great time on the island, and the weather was just perfect.

玩到下午4点左右,回到酒店稍作休息后,我们又出发去明洞啰!哈哈,这次是去吃晚饭,选了神仙雪浓汤. 一天的郊游后,没有比这碗鲜甜味浓的牛骨汤更加令人安慰了。 牛肉都在碗底哦!
We left Gapyeong around 4pm, after a brief rest at the hotel, we headed for Myeongdong again for dinner. We tried the famous ox bone soup with beef and rice. Words could not describe how comforting the soup was after a long day.


A quick walk of Star Avenue near Lotte store after dinner.

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