2013 Seoul Trip – Day 5

上午: 明洞购物
下午: 金浦机场乐天超市

Oct 26, 2013
Morning: Myeongdong
Afternoon: Lotte Mart at Gimpo

It was wonderful to wake up with this sunrise every morning in Seoul.

又去明洞了! 最后在几家化妆品店淘了一点东西, 寄了几张明信片, 最主要的是明洞的友利银行星期六早上10点开门可以办理退税. 因为金浦机场没有这个服务, 所以我必须在去机场之前把这个解决了. 全部办好后,我们去了在首尔的最后一餐: 土豆猪骨汤. 在多伦多,如果是外食,我80%都会选这个,可以算是我的最爱,尤其在冬天. 来到韩国,当然要试一下这里的原味! 我点了一个2人份的汤, 锅端上来后吓了我一跳,还好,我们三人干劲很足,全部吃完了! 因为汤里有很多蔬菜,味道比多伦多的猪骨汤美味很多!

We went to Myeongdong AGAIN! LOL…We did some last minute shopping, mailed some postcards, and most importantly, the Woori bank in Myeongdong opens on Saturday at 10am to do tax refund; since Gimpo airport does not offer tax refund service, I had to get this done before heading to the airport. After all the shopping and tax stuff, we had our last lunch in Seoul: pork bone & potato soup. It might be one of my favourite meal if I eat out in Canada, so of course I would have to try the authentic pork bone soup here. I ordered a 2 people soup size, and the big pot just freak me out a little bit; but we finished everything! It has a lot more vegetable than Toronto’s pork bone soup, and it’s very tasty!



暖暖的饱餐一顿后,我们回到酒店,整理箱子,退房。 最后一站就是要到金浦机场的乐天超市扫货了。 可惜这个计划很有问题。 第一,地铁站出来要走蛮远的,我们还要拉着箱子。 第二,原来有很多居民去机场的这个超市买东西,我们离开的那天刚好是星期六,超市里的人之多啊。 还有比较重要的一点是,我们的箱子都放得满满的,超市买得东西要塞进行李箱很头痛啊。 所以下次我还是会选择在首尔站的乐天超市购物。 我们花光了身上所有韩币,去olleh柜台退还了wifi-egg,看着这个无懈可击的笑容,圆满结束了我们的首尔5日游。。。

After this satisfying and heartwarming soup, we went back to hotel, packed and checked-out. One last stop was the Lotte Mart supermarket at Gimpo airport! OK, it was not very fun shopping at the airport’s Lotte Mart. First, we had to drag our luggage to walk quite a bit from subway station, and I didn’t know there were a lot of local residents shopping at the supermarket, so it was quite crowded. In addition, our luggage was full, it was quite hard to fit more stuff into the bags. So next time, I would visit Lotte Mart at Seoul station. We spent all the Korean won we had on hand, returned wifi-egg to olleh counter, and ended our Seoul trip with this killer smile again! 😛



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