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DIY Succulent Planter

My succulent garden is growing, and I couldn’t resist buying more and more varieties. I started looking into how to DIY some succulent planters using DAS air dry clay, inspired by this blog. Here’s my first try:

1. Take about 250 grams of clay

2. Adding a little bit water to the clay, and using simple hand work to shape the clay into a bowl

3. Using any cylinder object to punch a drainage hole at the bottom; and let it dry for a few days. Since it’s my first time to work with air dry clay, I am not sure how waterproof it will be, I decided not to go crazy on the bowl decoration. Let me make sure it will work first 😛

4. Now apply some glossy heavy gel inside and outside to make it waterproof


5. Putting it to use. How waterproof this will be is still questionable, I’ll update it in the future.

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