2015 Finished Handmade – 5

It’s been very busy for the past few weeks. I got several guests visiting Toronto; and there has been some change at workplace. Now since the weather is cooling, I hope I’ll have more time to do some handcrafting projects.

Lotus Blossom Tank – This project took me forever to block; then took me forever to take a picture! I added one more lace repeat at the bottom, and reduced a little bit at the waist area so that it looks a bit more fitting.
Knitting Lotus Blossom Tank

Yarn: di.Vé Cotone Egitto (100% Cotton), 6 skeins
Pattern: Lotus Blossom Tank by Sharon Shoji
Needle: 4.0mm

I am hoping next post would be the lightest sweater I ever made with my favourite yarn so far. がんばります。

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