2015 Finished Handmade – 7

I’ve always wanted a faux fur vest top. When I saw this fabric at Fabricland, I know this is the one! It’s purplish gray, and super super soft. Ok, I first made the top without lining, and wore to office for one day. Then I decided I should’ve added the lining. So I ripped everything apart, and started over. From there, the process was a painful one!

I didn’t know how to add lining to a top properly. It doesn’t matter how many youtube videos I went through. I cheated a bit at the end, the bottom seam of the top was not stitched together between faux fur and lining. I find it acceptable after going through every single seam of the top at least twice. LOL…



This is a piece of fabric I bought from textile museum’s annual sale, A Paul Smith Design by Maharam. I first sent it to Shanghai and paid a tailor to do a dress pant. With the leftover fabric, I made this skirt from pattern Simplicity 9825; AND I added lining!



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