Happy 2016!

Another year has passed by, in a blink, just like that. When I read over my blog entries for the past year, it felt like they were just happened last week or something.

2015 was not as eventful as 2014, in a good way. The most exciting event was my solo trip to London UK and Lisbon Portugal. You can read all about them here. Spent some time with my Fujifilm x100, and joined a meetup to learn how to shoot startrail; had a peaceful shooting time at the Innisfil sunflower field, it was beautiful! I focused more in sewing, a bit less in knitting because sewing is so much faster. I officially picked up a new hobby: leathercraft. It’s a crafting skill that requires a lot of practice and patience. And finally, registered this domain gocraftyme.com and moved my blog here.

In the upcoming 2016, I will be facing quite a few new challenges, both professional and personal, but I am looking forward to them. New challenges bring energy, excitement, and maybe some fresh outlook in life! Last but not least, more sewing, knitting, and leathercrafting…

Happy New Year everyone!

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