2016 Finished Handmade – 1

It’s June already, time to update some of my finished handmade items. I haven’t been knitting that much lately, I guess it’s because I haven’t been watching a lot of TV. I have more interest in sewing and leather work now. So, here’s my official item, a simple wallet, holds some credit cards and paper money.

1. Bought this leather from tandyleather.ca, it’s very soft, and easy to work with, love the vintage look! Pieces are cut:

2. Trying out some of the hardware, isn’t the skull button cool? Unfortunately, it’s a little bit big for such a simple wallet:

3. Went to tandyleather store and got more hardware, 7mm button and some extra small double cap rivets:

4. Here’s how it looks when it opens up:

And finally, I got my first Royal Albert tea cup and saucer. I love the richness of this set: Lady Carlyle.

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