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Cloud’s Orchids

Two weeks ago, my family went to visit this Ontario orchids grower near Niagara Fall, called Cloud’s Orchids. It’s a 4000 square feet commercial greenhouse located in Jordan Station. They only open for retail sale one weekend every month, and they won’t open until next April.
My parents and I each got 5 pots of different kinds of orchids, with each $100 CAD you spend, you can choose a bonus pot. So we ended up with 12 pots of orchids, as well as fertilizer, bark mix, and sphagnum Moss. The staff were so helpful and knowledgeable about all the questions we had; and one of them even went back to their inventory, and found me a smaller size, because it was all sold out in the sale area.

Here’s a picture of them (from left to right):
Cloud's Orchids Dec 2016

1. Aliceara Pacific Nova ‘Okika’ (far back)
2. Brsdm. Golden Gamine ‘White Knight’
3. Den. Super Ise
4. Lc. Mari’s Song
5. Howeara Lava Burst

We were so glad we made it there from Toronto for the last nursery retail sale of the year! I am going to take good care of them, and hopefully see them bloom soon…

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