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Unfinished Basement Home Gym

I have several work-in-progress handmade projects going on, but nothing really ready to show yet. Other than working hard on these projects, I also put some effort into my basement. Winter is cold here, some people might be able to jog outdoor, but not me. So instead of sign up gym membership for 6 month, I tried something different this year. I set up home gym in my unfinished basement!

It took me several weeks to clear up and recycle all the empty cardboard boxes from my purchases; then moved all the rest to the back of the basement. I bought some exercise rubber tiles from Lowe’s, 12 pieces, total of 48 square feet, and laid them down on the floor. Oh yeah, in order to watch exercise videos, I needed to buy a brand new TV for my living room, so that I could move the old TV to the basement. So, I spent quite a bit of money just to setup this home gym. Next is the fun part. I downloaded all kinds of fitness videos from youtube, and streaming to my TV using Roku. From short, to long, from cardio, zumba, to target area toning exercises, imagine the endless possibilities; and the flexibility of combining different exercises depending on the time I have. Since I can work from home 3 days a week, the gym gets used a lot, and the best part is I don’t have to go out in the cold and drive to the gym!

Unfinished Basement Home Gym

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