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Day Trip to Napa Valley

My original plan for San Francisco did not include Napa Valley at all. I thought, okay, it’s just winery, nothing special, I’ve been to wineries in Ontario a lot. However, this family friend highly recommended it to us, and she said it’s very different than Ontario wineries. So I did a day trip to Napa Valley.

We visited three wineries:

1. Domaine Chandon – The very first winery from France. They are known for their sparkling wines. It’s not my thing, so we moved on.

2. Robert Mondavi – Beautiful vineyards with the mountains as the backdrop. We couldn’t resist sitting beside the vineyards and enjoying some wines under the sun.

3. V. Sattui – We visited this one after our lunch at Bistro Jeanty, so we didn’t do any wine tasting there. Very crowded place. They have a small market that sells food and allow people to picnic in their garden. But we bought a few bottles home!

I have to say, I love it. It is indeed very different than the wineries in Niagara, Ontario. Beautiful scenery, great food, all the wineries are on the sides of St Helena Hwy, made it super convenient to tour around. I’ve never done any “winery hopping” before in my life, so it was a very interesting and fun day trip, in addition, who doesn’t love wine?

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