Succulents around San Francisco

“Wow….Woaaa…oh wowww….”

This happened a lot while my family was travelling around San Francisco, because of succulents, LOL. I am sorry if you found seeing a family of three shooting succulents in front of people’s house strange, because we came from Canada, succulents cannot be grown outdoor here, so we’ve never seen such huge ones in Toronto.

A gorgeous aeonium arboreum var. atropurpureum in front of a really nice house in the sea cliff area.

We visited the succulent garden in San Francisco Botanical Garden: huge aloe and cactus, like really huge ones!

We stopped by this wholesaler Succulent Gardens Nursery before heading to Highway #1: I bought a few tiny cuttings there.

Last but the least, saw this staircase in San Francisco with different varieties of orchids. I envy California gardeners!

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