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Southern Ontario Orchid Society Meeting

My first Southern Ontario Orchid Society meeting on March 12 – tons of useful information, a nice surprise, and lots of motivation.

Terry Kennedy gave a long presentation on how to grow dendrobium. It was so informational and helpful for me, because I just recently bought a Dendrobium Super Ise (Nobile type) during Cloud’s Orchids visit. While it’s growing strong and healthy, I finally understand why I don’t see any blooms. It needs cool and dry period in order to develop flower buds. I kept it moist and warm all these time. Although I didn’t get to see flowers, it grows very well, and I can see new cane coming up.

Dendrobium Super Ise

There was a very nice surprise to all the volunteers of annual orchid show last month: a free orchid plant to take home! They are all Restrepias orchids, and I chose this Contorta ‘Colombia’ species. Organizer also included a culture sheet: they require year around moisture, cool to intermediate conditions, and low light. I think it’s perfect for me. Hopefully I can see it bloom soon.

Restrepia Contorta 'Colombia'

Last but not least, some members brought their flowering orchids to the meeting, plus some orchid vendors selling their beautiful orchids before the meeting starts. It was a true motivation to all other orchid growers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything new. I really wanted to grow the ones I have well for now. Space is limited you know. Imagine that one day, one of the orchid you grow win plant of the month, or an award from orchid show, you’ll be very proud!

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