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Restrepia Contorta Colombia

Remember I got a free orchid from volunteering at the annual Southern Ontario Orchid Show in Feb? I guess I am extremely lucky, after one month, it started to bloom! I’ve never had a restrepia before, so it took me a while to realize the new growth was actually a flower spike. It was exciting to wait for the bloom because I have no idea about the color of my species. After maybe a week, here is it:

Restrepia Contorta 'Colombia'

It’s tiny, compare to other types of orchids I had. It does have its own charm though, cute and colorful. It only needs low light, cool temperature, and year around moisture. It does not compete with my other orchids for sunny window sill growing space. So it’s perfect for my home. Hopefully, other leaves will create bloom soon too.

Restrepia Contorta 'Colombia'

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