Textile Museum of Canada Annual Sale

Yesterday, I took my mom to annual fabric and craft sale by Textile Museum of Canada at downtown Toronto. Learned from my last More Than a Yard Sale experience, this time we were driving to downtown instead of taking public transit, due to the potential weight of fabrics and/or yarn. And oh my god, I was glad I made that decision.

We arrived at Artscape Youngplace at 11am, and lined up as usual.

Artscape Youngplace Toronto

Textile Bazaar - Line up

The sale has four rooms: home decoration fabric room, dressmaker fabric room, yarn and cross stitch room, and finally books room.

Textile Bazaar - Sale Room

Textile Bazaar - Sale Room

Here’s what we got after 2 hours of browsing, touching, and inspiration. Total cost $130 CAD.

Textile Sale 2017

I love love this piece, from the color, the pattern, to the fabric content (100% linen). It’s super heavy, and is the most expensive item in our pile. I thought about letting it go, because there’s only one panel, and it would not be enough for my master bedroom’s window. But after debating for a while, I just couldn’t put it down. I will make some cushions, table runner, and/or table place mat out of it.

Textile Bazaar - Linen Fabric

I love this piece as well, three colorway sample, pastel color, canvas. I think I can make some lovely totes.

Textile Bazaar - Canvas

These two pieces of sample got a very unique color and texture. Hopefully, I can create something nice out of them!

Textile Bazaar - Home Decoration Fabric

It’s been a very busy month; I should catch up with my posts soon.

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