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Best Home Workout Videos on Youtube

I’ve had my unfinished basement gym for a little over one year now. It just adds such convenience to my workout schedule, as well as eliminating any non-physical excuses. I totally loved it! During this one year of following video workout, I became to know my body better, and my preferred workout styles. Last month, I went to hot yoga class in a close by studio, and noticed that my thighs are so much stronger now. They would be shaking when I was doing triangle pose (Trikanasana). That’s when I realized that my one year of workout was really helpful.

I started off from Fitness Blender. I tried several full body workout, as well as targeted body part workout. The videos/exercises are a little bit boring for me. My body only feels sore the first few times, then I didn’t even sweat much during the workout.

I also tried HASfit. Again, tried several full body workout, as well as targeted body part workout. They are more interesting/challenging than FitnessBlender; and the interaction between coach Kozak and Claudia is fun to watch too. Remember, I have to watch the same interaction over and over and over. Most importantly, the workout is somewhat effective for me.

Now, my favourite workout videos are by Kit Rich, celebrities trainer based in LA. Oh my god, her workout is the most effective on me. Ranging from 30 mins metabolism booster to 45 mins cardio and toning, depending on how much time I have, I would always sweat, and my body would always sore the next day, which tells me that it’s really working. Her workout is the first one that made my oblique sore. She combines cardio with muscle toning, as well as targeting multiple areas at the same time. In today’s busy world, this is a very efficient way of doing things, right? In addition, her workout does not need any additional equipment, just your own body weight. And I realized, the specific body part machine workout isn’t really for me, and no wonder going to gym never seemed right for me.

I am looking forward to another year of workout in my basement!

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