How To Get Dendrobium Nobile Orchids To Bloom

How To Get Dendrobium Nobile Orchids To Bloom

It’s been one years since I bought these dendrobium from Cloud’s Orchids, although they have been really healthy, I haven’t seen them flower yet. When I saw the new growth 2 weeks ago, I was like oh oh, no more flowers again this year!

I actually learned last year during Orchid Society meeting that dendrobium needs a dry spell and cool temperature to trigger the flower. So last November, when I moved them back indoor, I tried to not water them too much. Oh boy, that was very hard. The leaves started to yellow and fall, I started to panic they might be too dry. Then I gave them water, and they seem to like it; until I see the tiny new growth at the bottom, and it’s growing fast! Oh well…I hope I can resist watering them next year…

Dendrobium Super Ise

This is my mom’s dendrobium crystal pink. It actually flowered last year after we brought it back home, because my mom did not water it. Ever since I started to take care of it, keiki was growing everywhere. I guess that’s not a bad thing. On other note, a friend of mine arranged a group buy for orchids, and I purchased a few more, which are on the way to Toronto from Taiwan. This is quite addictive; and I cannot imagine how much more addictive it will get if I can get them to flower consistently.

Dendrobium Crystal Pink

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