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Some Blooming Orchids

Some Blooming Orchids

Three blooming orchids in the house now, two from the previous group buy; one from Cloud’s Orchids:

Cymbidium sinense – Fu Cui: It has a lovely fragrance, which fills my dining room. Flower is kind of dark brown, however, some of buds did not end up opening. I think probably it was too dry.

Cymbidium Sinense Fu Cui

Cymbidium Sinense Fu Cui

Dendrobium King Zip ‘Red Splash’: the fragrance is not my type; however, very cute and lovely purple color.

Dendrobium King Zip Red Splash

Howeara Lava Burst ‘Puanani’: the flower is tiny. I didn’t take good care of it last year, a few pseudobulbs are wrinkled, and then I realized it needs a lot more water than I gave to it. So I hope it will grow stronger and bigger this year.

Howeara Lava Burst 'Puanani'

Two weeks after the orchid pest control presentation, I found two of my oncidium have silvery leaves. I know it’s caused by some sort of insects, but I could not find ANYTHING moving on the leaves. This is driving me crazy! I suspect it’s mealy bugs though.

Orchid Pest Silvery Leaf

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