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Airbnb Food Experiences in Paris

Airbnb Food Experiences in Paris

I just did my first solo trip of 2018 this month! Paris, a city that has the reputation for food, drink, art, and culture. This time, not only I booked my stay through airbnb, but also some food experiences. Actually, I didn’t know airbnb offer this type of service as well. It was very interesting to see all kinds of different local experiences you can book at your destination, from food, art, nature walk, sports, museum tour, even shopping guide, and personal stylist. As I also took a Portuguese egg tart workshop in Lisbon, I signed up a Crêpes Party in Paris!

The party, located in Saint-Germain-des-Près, just off Pond Neuf.

The host, Matthieu, an art advisor who speak both English and French, after some hands-on mixing of ingredients, gave us a tiny demo of how to spread the mixture on the hot pan.

Now, each guest makes their own crepe. This is my savory crepe, called galettes in French.

You suppose to see the sunny yolk in the middle. It pairs perfectly with a glass of apple cider.

This is my sweet crepe, when you see the bubbles, it means you should flip it!

I chose black current jam.

Crepe Class - Airbnb Food Experience in Paris

I booked another food experience on airbnb the very next day – food tour with Aurore. The whole tour lasted 3 hours, and since I was the only person that day, it was like a private tour. Aurore was working for L’oreal marketing before, so our chat was all about skincare products and food. She’s so passionate about food, and you can feel that energy, she quit her marketing job in March, and is trying to start something in food industry.

After some introduction to the stores that sell the freshest raw ingredients, which most restaurants in Paris source their ingredients from, (I wish I had chance to cook with those ingredients), we started the actual food tour. Fou De Pâtisserie – bring the most famous pastry chefs around the city under one single roof. If you don’t have time to visit others, come to this place!

I had this one: it’s just a piece of art, I didn’t even want to spoon it.

G.A.G at Passage des Panoramas for some cold cuts:

Bo & Mie with the best viennoiseries:

And finally, ended the tour with pear cider and cheese!

Saisons – offers a wide selection of matured cheeses
Food Tour with Aurore

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