Pandemic Life 3 – Orchids

Pandemic Life 3 – Orchids

I’ve been working from home since February this year, and without the commute, I had put in a lot more effort into cooking and nurturing my orchids. It’s time to enjoy the accomplishment!

Cattleya Cariads Mini-Quinee Angel Kiss, first bought from here , love the different shades of purple.

Cattleya Cariads Mini-Quinee Angel Kiss

Next up, dendrobium super ise, and spring doll, they’ve flowered before, but this year, they’ve really flourished. I’ve never seen that many flower buds before! So I am really proud of myself! And I think the key is rain water with light fertilizer often.

Dendrobium Super Ise
Dendrobium Spring doll

Dendrobium – crystal pink. This picture was taking in April, before moving it outdoor. Now, it has buds for second round this year!

Dendrobium Crystal Pink

Dendrobium King Zip ‘Red Splash’, lots of flower buds as well, however, they seem to be facing different directions.

Dendrobium King Zip 'Red Splash'

Last but not least, oncidium, it’s really the first orchid in my collection, other than phalaenopsis. Every fall, it will have flower spike in the garden, then flower after I move it back indoor. Never failed!

Orchid oncidium
Orchid oncidium

They filled my dinning room with color, fragrance, and good mood!

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