Does Meditation Work?

Does Meditation Work?

I attended a 10-day Vipasanna Meditation course back in Feb, 2018, and totally loved the experience, and became much more aware of my body reactions, either physically or emotionally. So after almost three years have passed, does meditation work for me? Yes, absolutely!

For the next few month after the course, I was practicing 1 hour daily before bedtime. It clears my mind after a day of busy and stressful work; it prepares my brain for a deep rest afterwards; and it even helps with my digestive system. Because of the deep sleep and moving digestion, I was amazed at how I felt everyday! I became looking forward to the practice everyday. I felt the less cluttered my mind was, the better I meditated.

Then life got busy, not in a stressful way though. I stopped practicing for a while; however, the developed awareness did not fade away. Fast forward to 2020 pandemic life, I started working from home, and I am glad to pick up the daily practice again. I realize it doesn’t have to be 1 hour long. Sometimes I meditate for 15 mins, sometimes I go for 30 mins, just before I start my work. I notice how much more focused, and how much more productive I was if I did the meditation that morning. That was a pleasant surprise to me, since I’ve never meditated in the morning during a work day before.

Now, I am still a long way from reaching where I want to be on the mindfulness journey, but I am glad I am on the way and making progress. 2020 was eventful, but it was also filled with gratitude.

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