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How To Get Dendrobium Nobile Orchids To Bloom

How To Get Dendrobium Nobile Orchids To Bloom

It’s been one years since I bought these dendrobium from Cloud’s Orchids, although they have been really healthy, I haven’t seen them flower yet. When I saw the new growth 2 weeks ago, I was like oh oh, no more flowers again this year! I […]

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Saturday morning, after breakfast, turn on FM103.5 with Hit 20 countdown: watering my orchids and succulents, and cleaning the house. It’s kind of relaxing…

Cymbidium Ensifolium – Yu Huan Fei

After I got home from my Mexico vacation, my Chinese cymbidium ensifolium – Yu Huan Fei is blooming. I bought it back in May from Tenshin Orchids, and I was told it’s relatively harder to grow than regular orchids in Canada. So I did not […]

Container Garden – Summer 2017

It has been a very wet spring and summer in Toronto this year. Although I installed container gardening water drip irrigation system this year, it wasn’t used much at all. Corner of my garden: I moved all my succulents and orchids outside. I love how […]

Cymbidium – New Orchid Additions

My mom bought this lovely Cymbidium sinense during our visit to Cloud’s Orchids; but it wasn’t doing very well in her fish tank back in January. Yeah, her fish all died, and she converted the big fish tank to orchid growing area, hoping it would […]

Blooming African Violet – Strep. ‘Heartland’s Auzzie Butterfly’

Yes, I finally see them blooming! These African violets were added to my indoor garden last October. One of them, Primulina ‘Chiaki’ (Toshijiro Okuto Japan), was growing much faster than the other one, so I re-potted it during Christmas. But the blooming one is the […]