Toronto Orchid Show

It was Southern Ontario Orchid Society’s annual orchid show this weekend at Toronto Botanical Garden. I had a chance to volunteer as clerks at the show! It was a very interesting, fun, and yet educational! Since I love orchids, I think it will be very 

Floral Design at Toronto Botanical Garden

I signed up for Classic Design Fundamentals One class at Toronto Botanical Garden this month. There are 4 classes, every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, and each class you’ll learn one design. So here we go: Class 1: Traditional mass design – table centrepiece 

Unfinished Basement Home Gym

I have several work-in-progress handmade projects going on, but nothing really ready to show yet. Other than working hard on these projects, I also put some effort into my basement. Winter is cold here, some people might be able to jog outdoor, but not me. 

Blue Mountain Eco Adventure Tour

For the past week, I had some relatives visiting Toronto, and I took them to this Eco Adventure Tour at Blue Mountain. From their website, it seems interesting and challenging. We booked the tour at 2:45pm, and arrived there at 2:15pm, just perfectly on time 

I am Back!

Two month of intense pressure at work + one week of home renovation = Lack of posts in the past two month.

Thrifty Finds

I’ve always bought real planters, meaning planters with drainage holes. However, I’ve picked up quite a few planters/pots that do not have a drainage hole while browsing my local thrift store. They are simply too cute to pass: