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Sewing 缝纫

2017 Finished Handmade – Wool Top

2017 Finished Handmade – Wool Top

Toronto has been in deep freeze this holiday, with company’s mandatory time off, it’s the best time to do some handcraft projects at home. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use up any fabric stash, instead, I bought more from Fabricland due to irresistible deal. I […]

2017 Finished Handmade – Framed Clutch Purse

I haven’t done much handmade project this year; haven’t touched my sewing machine for the whole summer, until last month. I got this framed clutch purse material package from, really loved the purple fabric, and decided to give it a try. Sewing the fabric […]

2017 Finished Handmade – Waxed Canvas 3-way Handbag

I’ve finally finished this waxed canvas handbag after who-knows how long. I am just glad that I finished it, although screw up a little bit by ironing the waxed canvas. This is the pattern from Chinese magazine. I love how versatile it is.

2015 Finished Handmade – 7

I’ve always wanted a faux fur vest top. When I saw this fabric at Fabricland, I know this is the one! It’s purplish gray, and super super soft. Ok, I first made the top without lining, and wore to office for one day. Then I […]

2015 Finished Handmade – 3

USB Pocket v2 Remember this USB pocket v1? The fabric didn’t hold up that well, after one year of use, it’s now looking like this: I made v2, this time with denim, doubled the capacity, and changed to zipper for more safety. I am loving […]

2014手工小物 – 3

上周去了西加勒比海游轮,顺道在佛罗里达玩了三天,回来休息了几天后,开始更新我的新作。 在布店看到这块布,颜色,花样,和厚度都比较适合做包包。 买回来后,决定尝试新技巧: 拼布。 首先做拼布,开始前有点没信心,做完后觉得没有想像的难,呵呵: 拼布和包包表布缝合: 完成,还用了皮制的背带: