Blooming African Violet – Strep. ‘Heartland’s Auzzie Butterfly’

Yes, I finally see them blooming! These African violets were added to my indoor garden last October. One of them, Primulina ‘Chiaki’ (Toshijiro Okuto Japan), was growing much faster than the other one, so I re-potted it during Christmas. But the blooming one is the one I did not re-pot, Strep. ‘Heartland’s Auzzie Butterfly’. It has lovely lovely bloom, with my favorite color: purple!

African Violet - Strep. ‘Heartland’s Auzzie Butterfly’
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Kombucha Tea

Several weeks ago, I read all the benefits about kombucha tea on the internet, and I was so interested to give it a try. Kombucha is a fermented beverage of black tea and sugar, and its benefits range from improved digestion, weight loss, increased energy, cleansing and detoxification, immune support, reduced joint pain, to cancer prevention. Although I think the last benefit is hard to prove, I want to see if it will actually improve my digestive system and energy level. So, I bought this large healthy scoby from a local kijiji seller, and my kombucha journey started from here:

Kombucha Scoby
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Restrepia Contorta Colombia

Remember I got a free orchid from volunteering at the annual Southern Ontario Orchid Show in Feb? I guess I am extremely lucky, after one month, it started to bloom! I’ve never had a restrepia before, so it took me a while to realize the new growth was actually a flower spike. It was exciting to wait for the bloom because I have no idea about the color of my species. After maybe a week, here is it:

Restrepia Contorta 'Colombia'
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