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Some Blooming Orchids

Some Blooming Orchids

Three blooming orchids in the house now, two from the previous group buy; one from Cloud’s Orchids: Cymbidium sinense – Fu Cui: It has a lovely fragrance, which fills my dining room. Flower is kind of dark brown, however, some of buds did not end 

Cymbidium Ensifolium – Yu Huan Fei

After I got home from my Mexico vacation, my Chinese cymbidium ensifolium – Yu Huan Fei is blooming. I bought it back in May from Tenshin Orchids, and I was told it’s relatively harder to grow than regular orchids in Canada. So I did not 

Cymbidium – New Orchid Additions

My mom bought this lovely Cymbidium sinense during our visit to Cloud’s Orchids; but it wasn’t doing very well in her fish tank back in January. Yeah, her fish all died, and she converted the big fish tank to orchid growing area, hoping it would