Floral Design at Toronto Botanical Garden

I signed up for Classic Design Fundamentals One class at Toronto Botanical Garden this month. There are 4 classes, every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, and each class you’ll learn one design. So here we go:

Class 1: Traditional mass design – table centrepiece

The class does not include any material, so I had to shop for the plants/flowers before the class. I had to admit, it was hard the first time, because I have no idea what I would be creating, which flowers would be easier to work with. Anyways, it turned out not bad at all. The instructor said colors worked well together.

Floral Design - table centrepiece
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Cabbagetown Private Garden Tour

The past Sunday, I joined Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour of Cabbagetown in Toronto. It was ashamed that I’ve never visited this neighbourhood before even though I’ve been living in Toronto for 15+ years. It was a very nice day out visiting some beautiful and lovely private gardens. I am sure this won’t be the last time I visit it.

First up, container gardening, vegetables in containers, totally my cup of tea:

BEAUTIFUL purple double clematis, it was stunning, I’ve been trying to have one of these in my garden:

Seems so effortless, yet very thoughtful:

Quiet zen water garden, my favourite too:

A small collection of succulents:

Vertical wall garden, the container bags are actually made of felt fabric:

Formal garden for a corner house:

Informal garden for the same house, a group of people were playing “Take Five”:

And finally, a rooftop garden:

What I’ve learned from the tour is that gardening takes TIME and PATIENCE, a lot of patience. Some of the owners showed us the picture of the same garden 10 years ago, and how they slowly built it. My garden has a long way to go…

Polar Vortex in Toronto

First long weekend of the year, family day, Toronto has the coldest day of this winter: -26 Celsius, feeling like -41 with windchill.


With the global warming trend, it was hard to believe that my city could be in deep freeze continuously for a long period of time. Well, guess what, the cause of polar vortex is the global warming! It started last winter, and I totally gave up wearing wool skirts. The weather forecast is predicting that the polar vortex will go well into March. Oh well, it’s Canada.

A few books from the library, with a cup of ginseng tea, and roast beef for dinner!


自从自己买了房子后,就在陆陆续续的看家具/买家具,不得不说,这个过程真的是急不出来的。 当然,如果价钱不是一个问题的话,其他问题会简单很多。 家具有很多种式样: 现代的,古典的,过渡的(古典的来又掺杂了现代元素)。 上室内设计课之前,古典式家具从来都不是我喜欢的式样,觉得它们那些花饰繁重,给我很沉重的感觉。 我还是比较喜欢线条简洁设计清爽的家具,颜色不需要太复杂。 室内设计课里有一节课讲家具历史,从古代罗马/希腊,16世纪法国/英国文艺复兴时期,到18世纪新艺术主义, 每个时代家具的特点。 照片里看已经觉得很不错,老师还安排我们去参观了一家专门卖古董家具的店:Carrocel Restorations。 这家家具店离我公司很近,就在万锦区,他们主要经营将古董家具打磨,油漆,上光,修补加翻新。 店主带我们参观了店后的工作间,一件一件家具在翻新过程的不同阶段中等待工人们的耐心和技术,有很多甚至因为火灾照成了损坏。 参观完这家家具店后,让我对古董式家具刮目相看,虽然觉得这种式样放在我家里实在不搭, 但是开始学会欣赏它们。 那些做工,细节,连抽屉和柜子里面都做得非常精致, 每个橱柜的开关都是现在的家具不可比拟的. 店主还对现在中国生产的家具好好调侃了一番, 不过他也承认现在中国的生产技术越来越有进步了, 哈哈。 下面连接了几张这家店的作品, 如果您有兴趣的话, 不要忘记去逛逛, 他们的价钱肯定比市中心便宜!


加拿大在经历了卡加利的大水之后,多伦多也没有幸免于难。 昨天下午,多伦多在两个小时以内,降雨量(90mm)超过了平时7月份一个月的降雨量(74mm)。 市区停电了, 交通灯不工作了, 地铁进水了,地铁站关闭了,高速公路被水淹了:


载着下班后着急回家的1000多人的火车在低洼地带彻底瘫痪了。 在被困5个小时之后,火车里的人们终于被海军部门用小橡皮船或者人手抱出来送到安全地方。

很感恩在万锦区(Markham),没有停电,也没有水淹。 在中国的姑妈离开多伦多的前一晚可以享受到最后一顿丰盛的晚餐。