Floral Design 2 at Toronto Botanical Garden

I finished Classic Design Fundamentals Two class at Toronto Botanical Garden this month! Same as Fundamental One Class, every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Total of 4 classes, and you’ll learn one design each class, so here they are:

Class 1: Vertical Line Design
Container is not great, I am not suppose to use a glass container, but this is the only container that’s tall enough. When I was shopping for the flowers, I thought blue chrysanthemum is quite rare and special, but only found out that they are dyed when I opened them up during class. A lot of friends like the color scheme of this piece though, I guess something different?

Floral Design 2 - Vertical Line Design

Class 2: Hand Tied Bouquet
This one is very fun. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks. I am glad it turns out pretty good.

Floral Design 2 - Hand Tied Bouquet

Class 3: Hogarth Curve
Found this container at thrift store for 2.99; then went to florist for blue/orange complimentary color scheme. I become more confident with my color choices now! It’s a little bit hard to use cedar for S shape though.

Floral Design 2 - Hogarth Curve

Class 4: Asymmetrical Triangular Mass Design
This one is interesting too. As much as I want to make it asymmetrical, I think it still turns out pretty symmetrical. I guess my eyes and my mind just prefer symmetrical things.

Floral Design 2 - Asymmetrical Triangular Mass Design

After 8 classes of floral design, I find that I am much more comfortable at selecting color scheme and flower materials now. It’s a much easier way to apply the color theory in floral arrangement than in interior decoration. As for flower selection, I find that Loblaws has great choices at affordable prices, and they are actually cheaper than Chinese florist.

Floral Design at Toronto Botanical Garden

I signed up for Classic Design Fundamentals One class at Toronto Botanical Garden this month. There are 4 classes, every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, and each class you’ll learn one design. So here we go:

Class 1: Traditional mass design – table centrepiece

The class does not include any material, so I had to shop for the plants/flowers before the class. I had to admit, it was hard the first time, because I have no idea what I would be creating, which flowers would be easier to work with. Anyways, it turned out not bad at all. The instructor said colors worked well together.

Floral Design - table centrepiece
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Cabbagetown Private Garden Tour

The past Sunday, I joined Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour of Cabbagetown in Toronto. It was ashamed that I’ve never visited this neighbourhood before even though I’ve been living in Toronto for 15+ years. It was a very nice day out visiting some beautiful and lovely private gardens. I am sure this won’t be the last time I visit it.

First up, container gardening, vegetables in containers, totally my cup of tea:

BEAUTIFUL purple double clematis, it was stunning, I’ve been trying to have one of these in my garden:

Seems so effortless, yet very thoughtful:

Quiet zen water garden, my favourite too:

A small collection of succulents:

Vertical wall garden, the container bags are actually made of felt fabric:

Formal garden for a corner house:

Informal garden for the same house, a group of people were playing “Take Five”:

And finally, a rooftop garden:

What I’ve learned from the tour is that gardening takes TIME and PATIENCE, a lot of patience. Some of the owners showed us the picture of the same garden 10 years ago, and how they slowly built it. My garden has a long way to go…

Polar Vortex in Toronto

First long weekend of the year, family day, Toronto has the coldest day of this winter: -26 Celsius, feeling like -41 with windchill.


With the global warming trend, it was hard to believe that my city could be in deep freeze continuously for a long period of time. Well, guess what, the cause of polar vortex is the global warming! It started last winter, and I totally gave up wearing wool skirts. The weather forecast is predicting that the polar vortex will go well into March. Oh well, it’s Canada.

A few books from the library, with a cup of ginseng tea, and roast beef for dinner!