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Succulents – 2018 Spring

Succulents – 2018 Spring

After I started growing orchids, I mean, really got into growing orchids, I found succulents are just angels. In winter, as long as I provide them good all spectrum lighting (on a timer), all I need to do is to water them once a month. 

Succulents around San Francisco

“Wow….Woaaa…oh wowww….” This happened a lot while my family was travelling around San Francisco, because of succulents, LOL. I am sorry if you found seeing a family of three shooting succulents in front of people’s house strange, because we came from Canada, succulents cannot be 

DIY Succulent Planter

My succulent garden is growing, and I couldn’t resist buying more and more varieties. I started looking into how to DIY some succulent planters using DAS air dry clay, inspired by this blog. Here’s my first try:

Beginning Succulent Garden

I am officially a fan of succulents now! I’ve known succulent plants for a few years already, but never got enough motivation to grow any. In the past few weeks, I’ve decided to try some, they are just too cute to pass. I hope they