2015 Finished Handmade – 1

I just realized I didn’t write a single post about my finished knitting project last year. Well, it was kind of true, I was messing around with my sewing machine more last year. However, Canada’s winter is really the best time to go back to knitting.

Last weekend, I was doing some re-organizing of my yarn stash, looking at all my yarns hopelessly, hating how slow I knit. I only knit while I watch TV, maybe it means I watch much less TV now. But seriously, I need to knit faster, because I want to buy more yarn!

Merino Fingerless Glove
Remember this failed Henry scarf? I frogged it, skeined it, washed it, dried it, then re-winded it into cake — oh man, what a price (time and energy) to pay for the failure. I made a pair of fingerless gloves for my bf using the recycled yarn:

Pattern: Fingerless or Not Gloves by Paula McKeever
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids & Quatro Colors 75% Merino 25% Nylon (about 80 grams)
Needle: 2.25mm

Several projects on the needle:

Banana Leaf Shawl

Knitpicks Gossamer Sweet Pea

以前很喜欢段染的毛线,这段时间发现有些段染的花色真的很难选图样。 几年前买得Knitpicks Gossamer,颜色是紫色/紫红色; 现在真的想要用它,发现哪个图样,哪个图样完成后都不好看,真的太杯具了。
毛线: 由粉色,到紫色,到紫红色都很正
如果织蕾丝花,因为段染颜色变化比较大,掩盖了蕾丝花纹; 如果织平针,也因为段染颜色变化比较大,显得异常眼花缭乱:


Convertible by Rebecca Hatcher: http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/PATTconvertible.html