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2017 Finished Handmade – Waxed Canvas 3-way Handbag

I’ve finally finished this waxed canvas handbag after who-knows how long. I am just glad that I finished it, although screw up a little bit by ironing the waxed canvas. This is the pattern from Chinese magazine. I love how versatile it is.

Handmade at Amazon

Wow, I can’t believe I just knew about this a few days ago: has launched Handmade section last year! Just when I seriously thought that handmade market is really taking a toll, since started allowing outsourced products to be sold on their site. […]

DIY Succulent Planter

My succulent garden is growing, and I couldn’t resist buying more and more varieties. I started looking into how to DIY some succulent planters using DAS air dry clay, inspired by this blog. Here’s my first try:


编织缝纫久了,会想尝试做其他东西,在有条件和能力的情况下,会去享受整个DIY的过程和过后的成就感。 其实我也是一个喜欢DIY的人?! 上个月的一个周日下午,去参加了一个DIY护肤品的班,原本只是打算娱乐一下,没想到还有不少收获。 一共三小时,老师有营养学文凭,比较注重自然,无化学添加的护肤保养。 前半个小时讲解了很多食物方面的知识,然后稍微圈点了现在很多护肤品里的有害成分。 接下来一共做了4样东西: 爽肤水,面膜,面部磨砂,还有身体润肤油。 这些是拿回家的完成品: 爽肤水很清爽,但是不够日本肌研的滋润,估计夏天用不错。 面膜用的主要原料是澳洲粉色泥,对于我的皮肤来说,稍微有点强大,导致用完后皮肤太干。 面部磨砂超级赞!用红糖和杏仁油做的,去角质效果很明显。 身体润肤油也非常好用。 主要用料是可可黄油加椰子油,在室温下是固态,遇到皮肤就开始溶化了,然后迅速被皮肤吸收。 有兴趣的朋友可以试一试:DIY Body Care Workshop