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2016 Gardening – One

It’s the gardening season again! I think I like spring time the most in Toronto. It means that the winter is finished; and we can start planting things, either vegetables or flowers; and more outdoor activities on the weekend!

August Garden Update

Nothing beats the smell, the flowers, and the fruits in my tiny container garden after a thunderstorm in the area. My lavender is finally flowering, in its small container: I really like creeping jenny, the color, and the texture, gives you this soothing feeling: The 

Backyard Container Gardening

Toronto had a very cold week last week, to a point which a frost advisory was issued last Friday night. My parents already planted annuals in their front yard, so guess what, my dad took out the newly bought camping tent, and covered the entire 

Seed Starting

Toronto is slowly warming up, like very slowly…. I started some seeds two weeks ago. Salvia, suppose to be easiest perennial to start from seeds, but so far, I am still waiting. Chamomile, started several pots, they are the tiniest seeds I’ve ever seen, germination