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DIY Face Masks

DIY Face Masks

With the growing coronavirus concern in the city, more and more people are wearing face masks now. I ordered some from local online store, but I am not sure where the package is; last update was two weeks ago showing package was arrived in Canada 

2017 Finished Handmade – Framed Clutch Purse

I haven’t done much handmade project this year; haven’t touched my sewing machine for the whole summer, until last month. I got this framed clutch purse material package from taobao.com, really loved the purple fabric, and decided to give it a try. Sewing the fabric 

2017 Finished Handmade – Waxed Canvas 3-way Handbag

I’ve finally finished this waxed canvas handbag after who-knows how long. I am just glad that I finished it, although screw up a little bit by ironing the waxed canvas. This is the pattern from Chinese magazine. I love how versatile it is.

2016 Finished Handmade – 3

If taobao.com is in Canada, my wallet is going to be in trouble! While my mom was in China earlier this year, I was browsing taobao.com, and instantly fell in love with this fabric. I know it’s a little bit risky to buy fabric online 

Handmade at Amazon

Wow, I can’t believe I just knew about this a few days ago: Amazon.com has launched Handmade section last year! Just when I seriously thought that handmade market is really taking a toll, since Etsy.com started allowing outsourced products to be sold on their site. 

2016 Finished Handmade – 2

Second handmade leather item this year, I know it’s slow. 1. Picked up a scrap leather piece from designer fabric on Queen Street West. I liked the cheerfulness of the bright yellow. Cut out the pieces, and found a matching zipper.