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2016 Finished Handmade – 2

Second handmade leather item this year, I know it’s slow. 1. Picked up a scrap leather piece from designer fabric on Queen Street West. I liked the cheerfulness of the bright yellow. Cut out the pieces, and found a matching zipper.

2016 Finished Handmade – 1

It’s June already, time to update some of my finished handmade items. I haven’t been knitting that much lately, I guess it’s because I haven’t been watching a lot of TV. I have more interest in sewing and leather work now. So, here’s my official 

美田EasyLiving 皮艺课

两年前在多伦多的Creativ Festival买了些皮革料, 原本打算自己看看书做做皮革小物, 呵呵, 发现没有老师教自己看书有很多东西都不确定. 所以这次在上海报了一个皮艺班. 因为时间有限,不能上他们的系列班,只是一个星期天的基础班,不过大部分皮革工艺都可以接触到. 星期天早上9:30来到凯旋北路的美田Living工作室: 选了一个钥匙包和自己喜欢的皮革, 裁好图纸和皮料: 用专用的油处理一下皮革反面,使它们比较光滑,这样卡片拿进拿出比较方便: 打洞, 力气活: 缝合: 从早上10点一直到下午4:30, 终于完成了: 如果你在上海并且有兴趣,不妨试试: 美田Living