Day Trip to Napa Valley

My original plan for San Francisco did not include Napa Valley at all. I thought, okay, it’s just winery, nothing special, I’ve been to wineries in Ontario a lot. However, this family friend highly recommended it to us, and she said it’s very different than Ontario wineries. So I did a day trip to Napa Valley.

We visited three wineries:

1. Domaine Chandon – The very first winery from France. They are known for their sparkling wines. It’s not my thing, so we moved on.

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3 days in San Francisco

I planned a short trip with my parents during the past holiday to San Francisco; tried to escape from the snow and cold, as well as some sight seeing and exploration of new culture.

We took an early flight so that we can arrive San Francisco early, and utilize the rest of the day. Both my parents and I bought a T-Mobile tourist sim card for $30 USD after arrival, which includes 2GB of data, and unlimited USA calling and text messages. I booked a one bedroom suite in the Richmond district on Airbnb, 5 mins walk to Golden Gate Park. Rental car was booked on the 3rd day because we were heading to Monterey and Hwy 1.
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