African Violets- New Addition in Gardening

Last weekend, while visiting Toronto Botanical Garden for a Sunday morning walk, there was an African violets show and sale in the garden hall. There were not too many vendors, but the cute plants indeed caught my attention. I never knew that African violets can look like a mini orchid, and I bought two home!

African Violets

While other vendors might include the name of the African violets, and/or a short description of how the flower looks like; this vendor included a color picture of the flower! I just couldn’t resist…
1. Primulina ‘Chiaki’ (Toshijiro Okuto Japan)
Primulina ‘Chiaki’ (Toshijiro Okuto Japan)

2. Strep. ‘Heartland’s Auzzie Butterfly’
Strep. ‘Heartland’s Auzzie Butterfly’

I really hope I can grow them to see they flower one day!

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