Toronto Orchid Show 2018

Toronto Orchid Show 2018

It’s been a year since I joined Southern Ontario Orchid Society! This weekend is our annual orchid show at Toronto Botanical Garden. I am volunteering there again. It became much easier this year, although took me a few minutes to warm up and to remember the details of clerking at the beginning.

Some of the displays are amazing: lines, flows, color combinations, the use of different materials, textures, and different heights in the design.

Southern Ontario Orchid Show 2018

One of the key elements of a beautiful display must be blooming orchids. Some of my favourites here:

Southern Ontario Orchid Show - Cattleya Mari's Song
Cattleya Mari’s Song
Southern Ontario Orchid Show - Cymbidium Sinense Fu Gui Jin Long Guan 富贵金龙冠
Cymbidium Sinense Fu Gui Jin Long Guan 富贵金龙冠
Southern Ontario Orchid Show - Dendrobium Fairly Moon Sweetie
Dendrobium Fairly Moon Sweetie
Southern Ontario Orchid Show - Cymbidium Asilomar Wilson's Choice
Cymbidium Asilomar Wilson’s Choice

I am not a fan of phragmipediums; but I loved this one since last show. It’s on the top of my “to-buy” list.

Southern Ontario Orchid Show - Phragmipedium besseae 'Carlisle's Rival'
Phragmipedium besseae ‘Carlisle’s Rival’

The weather is not co-operating this weekend, however, once you get inside of the show room, it becomes a different world. If you enjoy orchids, come have a visit, and take some colorful and fragrant orchids home! OK, so how much I spent on buying orchids this time…sssshhhh….

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