Happy New Year

Looking through my blogs, I just realized that I did not have a post on Jan 1, 2020! No wonder….what a year it has been. However, other than that we couldn’t travel outside of country, we did enjoy 2020 a lot. We has been working 

An Evening With 2Cellos – Sony Center of Performing Arts

An Evening With 2Cellos – Sony Center of Performing Arts

When I knew about 2Cellos coming to Toronto last December, I immediately went on to ticket master and booked their concert ticket. No delay, no hesitation! After another wait of 4 month, I ride the bus in the chilly rain on the night of Friday, 

Toronto Orchid Show 2018

Toronto Orchid Show 2018

It’s been a year since I joined Southern Ontario Orchid Society! This weekend is our annual orchid show at Toronto Botanical Garden. I am volunteering there again. It became much easier this year, although took me a few minutes to warm up and to remember 

Floral Design 2 at Toronto Botanical Garden

I finished Classic Design Fundamentals Two class at Toronto Botanical Garden this month! Same as Fundamental One Class, every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Total of 4 classes, and you’ll learn one design each class, so here they are: Class 1: Vertical Line Design 

Textile Museum of Canada Annual Sale

Yesterday, I took my mom to annual fabric and craft sale by Textile Museum of Canada at downtown Toronto. Learned from my last More Than a Yard Sale experience, this time we were driving to downtown instead of taking public transit, due to the potential 

Kombucha Tea

Several weeks ago, I read all the benefits about kombucha tea on the internet, and I was so interested to give it a try. Kombucha is a fermented beverage of black tea and sugar, and its benefits range from improved digestion, weight loss, increased energy,