Toronto Skyline

I have been living in Toronto for over 20 years, and I’ve never shoot Toronto skyline. Yeah, I know… So last Friday, I finally took ferry to Centre island, and shoot the sunset/blue hour of Toronto’s skyline. Here they are…

Fall Colours at Algonquin Park

Although I’ve been living in Toronto for 20 years, I’ve never visited Algonquin park in autumn. This year, I’ve decided to pick up my camera, and enjoy the famous autumn fall colours in Ontario. I booked the hotel just 1 week before going, so that 

Innisfil Sunflower Field

First of all, welcome to my new site! I finally got my own domain. 🙂 I went to this sunflower field last Saturday, with my girlfriend, who’s also my model. I’ve always wanted to shoot sunflower field, this is my first time. Aren’t they lovely? 

First Time Night Sky Photography

Last week, I joined this night sky photography group to learn how to shoot the moon and startrails. It was very cool! After a few tries to adjust ISO and shutter speed, I was able to get this picture, I can’t wait to shoot during 

Toronto Christmas Market

因为我比较喜欢室外的landscape摄影,在冬天,我对摄影的热情如同气温一样,降到了0度。 今年决定不要再懒惰,一定要练习一下冬天夜景摄影。 多伦多酿酒区每年12月份都会举办圣诞集市, 有圣诞舞台, 圣诞树, 各种传统工艺, 色彩缤纷的灯光。 想练习让灯光虚幻的照片, 研究了好久, 终于拍出来了, 但是不知道做得是否正确: 寒冷的夜晚, 三脚架不小心设置低了: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

新玩具 – 富士 x100

去年底同事借了一部胶片机给我尝试,真的不是我的菜,呵呵。 拍照时会多了思考固然是好事,但是也会多了很多顾虑; 不可以像数码相机那样马上看到照片,真的不太习惯啊。 然后有认真考虑是否要把我的入门尼康D40x升级为D610,可是相机的重量实在不能忽视,足足比我的D40x重了40%,一直犹豫中。。。 今年,应该说两个星期前,朋友介绍了这部富士x100,建议以500加币入一部二手的。 做了一番功课,看了很多评论,被惊艳到了,它的全金属机身,大尺寸感光元件(APS画幅CCD),第一部具有混合取景器的数码相机。 其实评论中很多技术性的信息我都不能完全理解,只有拿着相机慢慢摸索了。