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2016 Gardening – One

It’s the gardening season again! I think I like spring time the most in Toronto. It means that the winter is finished; and we can start planting things, either vegetables or flowers; and more outdoor activities on the weekend!

August Garden Update

Nothing beats the smell, the flowers, and the fruits in my tiny container garden after a thunderstorm in the area. My lavender is finally flowering, in its small container: I really like creeping jenny, the color, and the texture, gives you this soothing feeling: The…

Cabbagetown Private Garden Tour

The past Sunday, I joined Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour of Cabbagetown in Toronto. It was ashamed that I’ve never visited this neighbourhood before even though I’ve been living in Toronto for 15+ years. It was a very nice day out visiting some beautiful…

Seed Starting

Toronto is slowly warming up, like very slowly…. I started some seeds two weeks ago. Salvia, suppose to be easiest perennial to start from seeds, but so far, I am still waiting. Chamomile, started several pots, they are the tiniest seeds I’ve ever seen, germination…




最近着时对博客有点怠慢。两个月没更了。多伦多过去的这个冬天是我记忆中又长又冷又多雪的一个冬天,所以春天来后,人们格外的忙碌,出游,整理花园。。。生怕错过一点点温暖阳光。 现在我的编织速度好比蜗牛啊,连晚上看日剧的时候都不太想分心编织了,很是无语。 然后遇到毛线店大减价,我还是会买点。 上个月家附近最有名的一家毛线店准备关门了,我又屯了点棉麻线。 最近在织这个上衣: 上个星期,在newdirectionsaromatics买了100多块钱的各种基础油和精油,正式开始了我的手工皂和手工护肤品的历程。周末已经做了100毫升的面部护理油,和我妈各分50毫升。不得不说,在知道和掌握面部护理油的原理后,外面零售的各种面油价格真得太坑爹了。 因为非常不喜欢去home depot一包一包的搬土,今年又买了一个立方米的土,修补草地和种花种菜,呵呵。 一个大口袋放在前院,要用的时候,挖点出来,蛮方便,就是那个口袋看着有点碍眼。 自己组合的盆栽: 亚马逊上买了两个wall planter: 一年生的花花草草: Winners买了个很可爱的花盆,准备好好种香草,冬天搬进室内: 小西红柿,每年必种的: 自己发的黄瓜苗,今年不贪心了,每个盆就一棵: 今年开始种Kale,各种superfood, 各种healthy/cancer prevention: