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2017 Finished Handmade – Wool Top

2017 Finished Handmade – Wool Top

Toronto has been in deep freeze this holiday, with company’s mandatory time off, it’s the best time to do some handcraft projects at home. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use up any fabric stash, instead, I bought more from Fabricland due to irresistible deal. I 

2016 Finished Handmade – 3

If taobao.com is in Canada, my wallet is going to be in trouble! While my mom was in China earlier this year, I was browsing taobao.com, and instantly fell in love with this fabric. I know it’s a little bit risky to buy fabric online 

2015 Finished Handmade – 7

I’ve always wanted a faux fur vest top. When I saw this fabric at Fabricland, I know this is the one! It’s purplish gray, and super super soft. Ok, I first made the top without lining, and wore to office for one day. Then I 

2015 Finished Handmade – 3

USB Pocket v2 Remember this USB pocket v1? The fabric didn’t hold up that well, after one year of use, it’s now looking like this: I made v2, this time with denim, doubled the capacity, and changed to zipper for more safety. I am loving 

2014手工小物 – 3

上周去了西加勒比海游轮,顺道在佛罗里达玩了三天,回来休息了几天后,开始更新我的新作。 在布店看到这块布,颜色,花样,和厚度都比较适合做包包。 买回来后,决定尝试新技巧: 拼布。 首先做拼布,开始前有点没信心,做完后觉得没有想像的难,呵呵: 拼布和包包表布缝合: 完成,还用了皮制的背带:

2014年手工小物 – 2

以前一直觉得做包比做衣服简单,但是我其实从来没有成功过。 对于有表布和里布的东西, 我的大脑好像很难想像它们之间的关系是怎么缝制的。 呵呵。 不过这几个月终于有点进步了,当然也是因为有比较清晰的制作过程讲解。 很普通的化妆包,在网上找到这个非常简单明了的制作讲解。 才发现, 原来做包包可以完全不用锁边耶,因为所有的毛边都不会外露: 周末手提包,来自Cotton Friend, 现在周末出门都用这个了, 只放钱包和手机, 很轻便: