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Go Crafty Me in 2017

First day of 2017, first post of the new year, as usual. I enjoy this quiet blogging time first day of every new year.

Happy 2016!

Another year has passed by, in a blink, just like that. When I read over my blog entries for the past year, it felt like they were just happened last week or something.

2015 Finished Handmade – 3

USB Pocket v2 Remember this USB pocket v1? The fabric didn’t hold up that well, after one year of use, it’s now looking like this: I made v2, this time with denim, doubled the capacity, and changed to zipper for more safety. I am loving 

Seed Starting

Toronto is slowly warming up, like very slowly…. I started some seeds two weeks ago. Salvia, suppose to be easiest perennial to start from seeds, but so far, I am still waiting. Chamomile, started several pots, they are the tiniest seeds I’ve ever seen, germination 

2015 Finished Handmade – 2

I finally finished this shawl, took me about 2 month. I knit slow, right? The shawl is relatively easy, no fancy stitches, just knit and purl, and I was amazed by the architecture and texture it can achieve. Now waiting for spring! Pattern: Banana Leaf 

First Time Snowshoeing

The entire month of February was below 0 degrees. Last Sunday, Toronto had the warmest day in weeks, day time high is -4 Celsius, when you had experienced -20 Celsius for a period of time, a day of -4 Celsius feels like SPRING. We decided