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Pandemic Life 2 – Gardening

Pandemic Life 2 – Gardening

Gardening had full attention from us this year. I saved some tomato seeds from last year, the ones that we really loved, and I started them in March indoor. This picture was from some time in April. Once all garden centers opened up mid May, 

Container Garden – Summer 2017

It has been a very wet spring and summer in Toronto this year. Although I installed container gardening water drip irrigation system this year, it wasn’t used much at all. Corner of my garden: I moved all my succulents and orchids outside. I love how 

2016 Gardening – One

It’s the gardening season again! I think I like spring time the most in Toronto. It means that the winter is finished; and we can start planting things, either vegetables or flowers; and more outdoor activities on the weekend!

August Garden Update

Nothing beats the smell, the flowers, and the fruits in my tiny container garden after a thunderstorm in the area. My lavender is finally flowering, in its small container: I really like creeping jenny, the color, and the texture, gives you this soothing feeling: The 

Backyard Container Gardening

Toronto had a very cold week last week, to a point which a frost advisory was issued last Friday night. My parents already planted annuals in their front yard, so guess what, my dad took out the newly bought camping tent, and covered the entire 


今年我的兰花又开啦,原本打算给她换盆的,现在要等一等了: 想当一次木工用杉木做一个角落花巢,结果没有买到合适尺寸的木头,但是看到这个在清仓,所以抱了一个回家,原价42,现在19: 看了很多网上的盆栽园艺,幻想着什么时候我的后院也可以变成那样,首先得有各种各样的花盆,kijiji上淘的: 到目前为止, 种了两盆, 铁线莲Clematis(再试一次吧, 上次一棵被我种死了), 和绣球属Big Leaf Hydrangea, 选了一个可爱的粉红色: 我的小番茄啊, 快点红吧: 黄瓜也茁壮成长啊, 架子不够, 顺着墙上的电视天线爬: 最后一张, 我的茉莉也要开花了: