Floral Design 2 at Toronto Botanical Garden

I finished Classic Design Fundamentals Two class at Toronto Botanical Garden this month! Same as Fundamental One Class, every Monday night from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Total of 4 classes, and you’ll learn one design each class, so here they are:

Class 1: Vertical Line Design
Container is not great, I am not suppose to use a glass container, but this is the only container that’s tall enough. When I was shopping for the flowers, I thought blue chrysanthemum is quite rare and special, but only found out that they are dyed when I opened them up during class. A lot of friends like the color scheme of this piece though, I guess something different?

Floral Design 2 - Vertical Line Design

Class 2: Hand Tied Bouquet
This one is very fun. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks. I am glad it turns out pretty good.

Floral Design 2 - Hand Tied Bouquet

Class 3: Hogarth Curve
Found this container at thrift store for 2.99; then went to florist for blue/orange complimentary color scheme. I become more confident with my color choices now! It’s a little bit hard to use cedar for S shape though.

Floral Design 2 - Hogarth Curve

Class 4: Asymmetrical Triangular Mass Design
This one is interesting too. As much as I want to make it asymmetrical, I think it still turns out pretty symmetrical. I guess my eyes and my mind just prefer symmetrical things.

Floral Design 2 - Asymmetrical Triangular Mass Design

After 8 classes of floral design, I find that I am much more comfortable at selecting color scheme and flower materials now. It’s a much easier way to apply the color theory in floral arrangement than in interior decoration. As for flower selection, I find that Loblaws has great choices at affordable prices, and they are actually cheaper than Chinese florist.

Queen Street West Graffiti Alley

Graffiti art in Queen Street West area is actually one of the top tourist attractions in Toronto; just like Toronto skyline, I’ve never really visited them while I lived here. Last month, I joined this photography meetup group and spent 3 hours exploring these wonderful and colorful street art.

We started off the tour from Spadina Ave, the back alley is located one block south of Queen Street, it runs west for about one kilometer. While some people might appreciate the impressive art, some people might see them as vandalism, I guess it’s debatable. However, some of the artwork are just simply amazing.

Toronto Queen Street West Graffiti Alley
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Mexico All-Inclusive Vacation

I went to my first solo all inclusive vacation this September! After one and half years of busy and stressful work schedule, somewhat difficult moments in personal life last month, I booked this much needed break for myself. I wasn’t into all-inclusive vacation before, but this time, I thought relaxing and sunbathing on the beach without worrying about planning my meals and cooking might be a great way to have that break. I chose Occidental at Xcarat Destination in Riviera Maya, Mexico, FIVE star, and it got tons of great reviews!

I totally love it! The resort has 2 buffets, and 5 restaurants. It’s so big that I had to carry map whenever I go out. The resort is essentially built in the middle of a jungle, it blends so well with the nature, and all kinds of animals living in the resort.

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